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Coverage Options for Individual and Group Plans

From primary healthcare, dental and prescription drug plans, to all types of Medicare insurances including Medigap and Advantage plans, we have the experience and we’ll make it easy for you.


We provide term and whole life insurance options that will ensure your loved ones remain protected. You can also explore coverages that will protect you in life-altering situations.


Life is unpredictable. Disability insurance keeps you going in the case of short-term injury or illness. Get insurance for your income and protect your livelihood.

Long-Term Care

Don’t let medical costs and expenses prevent you from enjoying your twilight years. Long-Term Care insurance can help you control the costs associated with aging.

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With over 30 years of experience, Josh Waters has built a company over time that is dedicated to helping people. Josh Waters Insurance is a full service firm offering Health, Life and Disability programs as well as Long-Term Care coverage for clients in Pennsylvania and New Jersey. By providing a flexible approach and personalized service, Josh ensures that people always come first.


“Knowledgable, professional, value based. Josh serves his clients first. Highly recommended.”

Steven G.

“Josh Waters and Professional Planning Associates will get your insurance needs met. You can count on them for reliability and professionalism.”

Patrick M.

“… Josh is the one person that I could say is one of the best”

Michael A.

“One of the sharpest insurance professionals; always gets back to you and he has helped my family through a difficult situation regarding health insurance/disability/subsidies. I am glad to know Josh.”

Andrew H.

“Helped me with my health insurance need – made it easy”

Allan R.