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I began Josh Waters Insurance in 1995, but the story doesn’t start there. Previous to starting my own office, I joined my father’s business and learned all about the health insurance business. I also pursued and obtained other credentials in underwriting and financial planning. After gaining a wide range of knowledge, skills, and experience, I found that my calling was with insurance. But not any insurance, specifically insurance that covered people. I found that the connections and relationships that I build with people as I help protect their lives and lifestyles to be my main source of motivation. That core belief that my job is to improve the lives of those I work with and those around me has built Josh Waters Insurance into what it is today.

Joined my father’s business – began my health insurance career
Became a Chartered Life Underwriter (CLU) for specializing in life insurance and estate planning
Started Josh Waters Insurance in Jenkintown
Keystone HMO started
Became a Long-Term Care broker upon completing certification
Became a licensed Medicare broker to help retirees understand their options
Prescription drug plan was started for Medicare enrolled
Gina Sciarra joins Josh Waters Insurance
Affordable Care Act (ACA) was started and shortly after I began to help individuals get insurance
As the industry continues to change, we continue to grow and change with it. Each year I continue my education for ACA, Medicare, Long-Term Care, and renew my insurance licensing for Pennsylvania and New Jersey. At Josh Waters Insurance, we will continue to use the expertise that has been built over time to make our clients’ lives better. That is what drives us and guides how we build the business because at Josh Waters Insurance, We Cover People.

“Knowledgable, professional, value based. Josh serves his clients first. Highly recommended.”

Steven G.

“Josh Waters and Professional Planning Associates will get your insurance needs met. You can count on them for reliability and professionalism.”

Patrick M.

“… Josh is the one person that I could say is one of the best”

Michael A.

“One of the sharpest insurance professionals; always gets back to you and he has helped my family through a difficult situation regarding health insurance/disability/subsidies. I am glad to know Josh.”

Andrew H.

“Helped me with my health insurance need – made it easy”

Allan R.
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